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1719 E Walnut St
Pasadena, CA 91106
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Phone: 626-798-6789 or 1-844-304-8797
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Special Services
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Med To-Go Pak is personalized medicine made easy. Our pharmacists package routine medications in convenient packages for daily administration to help you stay adherent. Simply take each medication at the time noted on each package.

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Keeping your health and wellness is our top priority and your pets are no different. We offer personalized medications to help your pet stay healthy year round. These are the drugs that we offer and many more.

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Protect yourself and your family. Whether you need protection from the annual flu or looking to protect yourself from pneumonia, our immunization certified pharmacists are here to help. Contact us for vaccination screenings and get up to date on all your immunization needs.

We are a Specialty Pharmacy

Each disease state is as unique as the medication used to treat and the individual taking it. We strive to treat everyone with our utmost care by providing quality management of their medications.

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Rheumatoid Arthritis
We offer prescription translation in many languages for you to understand your prescription. We also have friendly staff that can assist you in English, Spanish, Chinese, Farsi, and Korean.

About Us
Flagship location - La Verne, CA

We are an independent, full-service pharmacy that has been servicing the Pasadena are for over 55 years. 986 Specialty Pharmacy is part of the 986 Pharmacy franchise that currently has locations in Southern CA, Nevada, and Texas.

  • We specialize in caring for Medicare & Medi-Cal patients
  • We accept most major insurances
  • Our team speaks English, Spanish, Chinese, Farsi, and Korean
  • Free local deliveries daily (except Sundays)
  • Credit cards accepted

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For your convenience, we work with the RxLocal app. Download the app to set pill reminders for yourself and to make easy refill orders.

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